About Us

Chug Co. was established in 2017 after having the Chug Lucky epiphany while walking down the hall of a Fortune 500 company on my way to a smoke and joke session. The original thought was for it to be a disposable, single use device, but after many design sessions the Chug Lucky has turned into what it is today.
With the support of a loving wife and great friends, we were able to turn this idea into reality. After getting the design right and securing the necessary intellectual property rights, we are now able to get the Chug Lucky into the hands of people just like you.
Our goal is to enhance your good times with friends and family, because at the end of the day that is what really matters, friends and family. Nothing can beat the feeling that comes from being surrounded with your favorite people, and nothing can replace it. No matter what you are doing, be it on the golf course, floating the river, or hanging out around the fire, the memories you make are what makes life worth living. Our hope is that the Chug Lucky will help lead you to more irreplaceable memories that will make you think back and smile.
Thanks for your support and I hope to continue to grow with you all in the years to come.